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Lacues Handheld Nano Facial Spray Refresher


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Lacues Handheld Nano Facial Spray is the freshest new way to keep your skin soft and hydrated.

The refreshing beauty device vibrates at above 140,000 times per minute to convert water into ultra fine particles perfect for absorption into the layers beneath your skin surface and securing makeup once applied. 

Main benefits and characteristics

The Nano Spray Refresher beauty device can be used all over your body to promote the positive effects associated with keeping your skin well hydrated. The micro particle refreshing device also minimizes static electricity contained in hair and reduces the occurrence of skin wrinkles through proper skin maintenance.

Lacues Nano Spray is beneficial for use after sunburn, and after the application of a face mask to hydrate your skin. 

Upon opening the nozzle in close contact to your skin particles will be emitted and transfer onto your body. For best results apply Lacues Handheld Nano Refresher several minutes 2-3cm distance from your skin.

This product contains USB charger and a large water chamber of over 20ml.


How to use: 

  1. The Handheld Nano Refresher is ideal for conditions where the air is dry and lacking in moisture. For example, in the office, or rooms with air-conditional, on planes or in cars, this product is a must have.
  2. When sunburn or skin is irritation the refresher can be used to relieve the skin pain and for its hydration benefits.
  3. Before and after the use of makeup. Some users prefer using the Handheld Nano Refresher as a primer for makeup, to ensure the skin is refreshed and ready for makeup so you can look better and the makeup last longer. Applying the refresher after the removal of makeup will ensure that your skin is refreshed and vibrant.


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