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EAORON Ultimate Firming Mask

EAORON Ultimate Firming Mask


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The EAORON Ultimate Firming Mask is designed as high end mask for those who seek perfection.

The Ultimate Firming Mask is designed to support, tighten, and moisturise while carefully repairing your skin. The ultimate firming action ensures your skin feels firmer and smoother, through its composite platinum membrane as developed by EAORON. The Ultimate Firming Mask by 

EAORON  ensures a brighter and vibrant touch for your skin, boosting firmness for that special shine of vibrancy for your day. 



The first step is to apply the lighter color side of the mask on cleansed face. Ensure all areas of your face are covered whilst avoiding direct contact with your eyes. Leave the Ultimate Firming Mask on for 15-20 minutes, then peel off your skin and gently massage the remaining essence for two minutes.




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