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EAORON Ultimate Brightening Mask

EAORON Ultimate Brightening Mask


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The EAORON Ultimate Brightening Mask has an advanced formula with charcoal to absorb excess oils and ensure your skin is bright and full of vibrancy. The Ultimate Brightening Mask infuses plant nutrients whilst actively hydrating your skin to feel soft and supple.

The EAORON Ultimate Brightening mask hydrates and moisturizes the skin to ensure a glowing and elegant lustre. The activated charcoal removing excess oils to improve the appearance of pores while pulling out impurities. The ultimate outcome is a shining, soft a vibrant touch, as the real and glowing you. 


Cleanse your face thoroughly in preparation for the mask experience. Take the Ultimate Brightening Mask and apply the darker color side of the mask to your face face to cover all area. Ensure that contact with your eyes is avoided for the moisturiser. Leave the brightening mask on for 15-20 minutes, and peel off. Gently massage the remaining essence into the skin for two minutes.


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