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Lacues Titanium Massage Device


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Lacues Titanium Massage Device was developed using the same massage techniques used by professional beauticians. The titanium lightness touch from the Titanium Massage Device can help better your facial balance by improving circulation, assisting with lymphatic drainage, and helping to lower cortisol levels by soothing the mind

 The movement of the two rollers is experienced by applying gentle pressure with the device to your face, relaxing the muscles of the mouth and cheek. Grip the handle and roll Titanium Massage Device from the head of the shoulder up along the back of the neck. Repeat this movement upwards and downwards with chosen pressure.

How to use:

Travel the massager along the curves of your body in the soft part of the skin using gentle pressure.

It is recommended to massage the upper body with movement starting from the top and go downwards.

For the lower body parts, roll from the bottom upwards.



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